Friday, 28 February 2020

Meet the Candidates: Dave Bowen

Meet the Candidates: Dave Bowen

Dave Bowen (Lab)

I AM 49 and have lived in Whitchurch with my wife, Hayley, for more than 10 years.

I have been a parish councillor in Whitchurch for the past four years and am committed to supporting the local community.

I have a strong background in law and am an associate with the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. This has proved extremely useful with many local issues, particularly planning. I have a good understanding of planning and have recently highlighted issues where a developer was attempting to circumvent the correct process.

I am committed to resolving traffic congestion issues in Whitchurch and other areas. Parking is a major issue with the high street often gridlocked. However, this can only be resolved with adequate enforcement and the support of the district council.

As a parish councillor, I fought hard to save our bus service that would have stopped running when the county council cut the bus subsidy. With local government already cut to the bone by the Tory Government, funding across the county has left every public service struggling to survive and there is more cuts in the pipeline. It is the most vulnerable in society who rely on public services and suffer most. Vote for me so I can fight further cuts and protect our threatened public services.

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